SciFi Buildings design

Some buildings design for for a SciFi city, i made the Lowpoly models in maya then added details using surface noise with zBrush using custom alphas then i used keyshot for rendering and Photoshop for Compositing and presentation

Guido salto 07082016 env photosketch 00 gs
Guido salto 07082016 env buldingbigtower1 00 gs04

High Density Building

Guido salto 07102016 env buldingmidtower2 01 gs

Medium Density Bulding

Guido salto 07092016 env buldingmidtower3 00 gs06

Medium Density Building

Guido salto 07062016 env buldingmidtower1 00 gs02

Medium Density Glass

Guido salto 07072016 env buldingmidtower1 00 gs03

Small/medium Density Building

Guido salto 07052016 env buldingscomparison 00 gs01