VHS Riot

Still part of my365 days project, this artwork is been made using scraps and stuff from abandoned projects, it turned out quite well

Guido salto 02202017 cvr vhs riot 00gs

VHS Riot Cover

Guido salto 01112017 cha riot2 00gs

Infiltrator Half Figure

Guido salto 01432017 env riot ramenbar 01gs

The Ramen Bar, No Cyberpunk city is complete without this one

Guido salto 01102017 cha riot 00gs

Biker Back

Guido salto 01092017 env thecity 00gs

Cityscape View

Guido salto 01072017 cha modern 00gs

Biker Front

Guido salto 01172017 prp arcade dire 01gs
Guido salto 01122017 cha riot2 00gs

Infiltrator Full Figure

Guido salto 01132017 cha riot3 00gs


Guido salto 01172017 prp arcade 01gs

Arcade Machine

Guido salto ss 2017 01 08 at 01 59 17

Passes front garnment

Guido salto 01222017 ske thedarkalley 01gs

Quick Mood Photobash Sketch

Guido salto 01232017 ske thedarkalley 00gs

Quick Mood Photobash Sketch

Guido salto 01242017 ske thedarkalley gif 00gs

Quick Mood Photobash Sketch

Guido salto 01252017 ske thedayalley gif 01gs

Daylight mood Sketch

Guido salto 02012017 ske alleysunset 00gs

Cigarette Break

Guido salto 02052017 ske nunchuck coolbutuseless 01gs

hand over your valuables

Guido salto 02042017 ske slumlife 01gs


Guido salto 01292017 ske thedayalley 01gs


Guido salto 02252017 ske downtown 00gs

Like Tears in the Rain

Guido salto 02222017 ske thedarktown 00gs

Neon Street

Guido salto 02242017 ske thedarktown 01gs

Going Shopping