Attack Of the Cyber Octopuses - Concepts

Some of the shot designed for the short movie Attack of the Cyber Octopuses - directed by Nicola Piovesan
The Concepts have been made to design some of the shots for the film, test the lighting, the composition and the characters actions, starting from the ideas of coposition and lighting given to me by the director, they've also been used to promote the kickstarter campaign of the project.

Guido salto 02162017 aotco scena3 bunker 00gs
Guido salto 02082017 aotco scena5 maveryck master 00gs
Guido salto 02152017 aotco scena2 office 00gs
Guido salto 02172017 aotco scena4 moo 00gs
Guido salto 02072017 aotco scena1 pete 00gs

Shot Concept

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Actual Shot