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General / 12 May 2018

After being asked a lot of times where do i get my reference for photobashing
i've always pointed out to some great websites, from Photobash.org to Ben Mauro, to the recent Andam Safadi gumroad,

I also often stated that most of the reference and pictures i use are made by myself and/or my brother Davide, he's very
passionate about photography and also a very good explorer, he'll get in places you'll never dare.

So we decided to make those reference, textures and other assets, available on Gumroad
our first free pack: Aged Paper textures is now up and there are other 2 packs available for purchase
Photocopy Textures and Italian Abandoned Houses

Follow us here: https://gumroad.com/easyrefdgs
Cause there are more packs coming soon!